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Can Agency Supply Teachers Contribute to Their Teachers’ Pension?

Short answer: No.


Agency supply teachers are not eligible for Teachers’ Pension. However, they do get a Workplace Pension through their agency.


Teachers’ pension is different from state pension and is handled by the Teachers Pension Agency. This is only available to teachers who work directly with the school, either as permanent staff or direct supply teachers.


Agency teachers are currently not eligible for it. However, Simply Supply does offer Workplace Pension to our supply teachers.


What is NEST Pension?


NEST is a scheme backed by the government where both the candidate and employer contribute towards pension. In this pension scheme, the candidates contribute 5% of their income towards their pension funds.


Since this is taken out of their pay via salary sacrifice, they get tax relief on 1% of it. This means they actually pay 4%.


Simply Supply, as the employing agency, contributes 3% of the candidate’s salary towards the NEST pension. While it might seem lower than what the candidate is paying, this contribution is, in essence, in addition to the agency supply teacher’s pay.


Agency supply teachers can also opt out of the NEST pension scheme if they want.


However, since the agency contribution is in addition to the supply teacher pay, our supply teachers earn more than what they’d earn if they weren’t a part of this scheme.


It is also worth noting that Simply Supply pays all candidates directly using PAYE at no extra charge. We don’t use umbrella Payroll companies, which can be used as a way for agencies to pass off certain costs to the candidate.


If you work through other agencies, we’d recommend that you check what the payroll method is and if there are any additional costs involved in that.


We also advise agency workers to contact an independent financial advisor for more details surrounding how they can make contributions to a pension or any other saving scheme.



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At Simply Supply, we ensure that our candidates get a fair deal, no matter what. If you have any questions about your pension, get in touch with us and we will give you the answers you need.

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