Five common misconceptions about the education recruitment industry

Throughout the years, we have come across numerous misconceptions that people have about education recruitment agencies, and the industry as a whole. We understand that if you don’t have a lot of experience working with an agency, these can seem credible.


However, most are just based on word-of-mouth and lack of knowledge. That’s why this month we wanted to shed some light on the misconceptions surrounding our industry and show you what actually happens.


Temporary recruitment only


If you think the education recruitment sector only focuses on temporary supply cover, then you’d definitely be wrong. Over the last few years, we have seen a spike in the need for permanent positions that need to be filled by schools and nurseries.


This is mainly due to the fact that schools are growing bigger and there is a need for more to meet the growing population, but there also seems to have been fewer NQTs passing through training.


We have seen a growth of candidates wanting more flexible work options and because many schools want full time only, the main flexible work route for a teacher is supply teaching.


Supply teaching can be day-to-day cover, but also longer assignments up to 1 term or more. Where teachers want longer term work in the same school, but part-time, agencies can often suggest job shares with another supply teacher filling a full-time gap for a school whilst satisfying the teacher’s needs.


You’ll get bombarded with information that isn’t relevant


This may be true for the larger online job boards, but thankfully this isn’t the case when it comes to education recruitment. We understand that if a candidate is put forward for a position, it needs to be based on your own unique skills and requirements.


Likewise, if a candidate is recommended to a school or nursery, it’s because they have the knowledge and experience to excel in the role that you’re looking to fill. The education of pupils is of the up-most importance, so if a candidate weren’t suitable, they wouldn’t be put forward.


There aren’t enough positions to go around


Again, this definitely isn’t true and it’s a common misconception that we see time and time again within the education recruitment industry.


With more teachers retiring and some education bodies struggling to fill these positions with full-time staff, there are plenty of opportunities for supply teachers to find work.


The agency is the same as any other


You might think that if you’ve worked with a recruitment agency in the past that they’re all the same, this simply isn’t true.


Whilst there may be similarities in the way that they advertise their positions, but there’s so much more behind the scenes that make the agency unique.


There are individual standards that need to be adhered to, there are policies in place to ensure the Safeguarding of staff and pupils, there are individuals strengths of the recruitment team and there’s the company ethos.


For example, our team is made up of individuals who have decades of combined experience within the education and childcare sector. They’re able to draw on this experience to fully appreciate and understand the journey that candidates and clients go on throughout the job searching and employment process.


The agency only recruits for certain positions


This misconception is easy to understand. If you’re not used to working with an education recruitment agency, then you might think that they only hire for a specific position within a school or nursery. Trust us, this definitely isn’t the case.


For example, here at Simply Supply, we regularly recruit for a huge variety of roles, including:


  • Nursery Nurses
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Early Years Assistants
  • Full-time Teachers
  • Special Needs Teaching Assistants
  • Senior Nursery Practitioners
  • Deputy Nursery Managers


The sole aim of an education recruitment agency such as us is to match the ideal candidate with a school or nursery with a position that needs to be filled. Each match is made based on the candidate’s unique experiences and qualifications; it’s never a numbers game.


Likewise, if a school or nursery has a preference for a specific candidate, then they are able to use them, again and again, should the need arise.



So there we have it, five common misconceptions about the education recruitment industry that we’ve come across over the years. What do you think? Have you had any misconceptions that have been proved wrong in a recent experience?


We’d love to hear your thoughts, so make sure you let us know in the comments below. Alternatively, you can join the conversation on our Twitter and Facebook pages. We’re always updating our community with insights and advice from the recruitment world.


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