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How Do Agencies Generate Work for Supply Teachers?

At Simply Supply, we have developed an excellent reputation in the industry, mostly because of the quality of work we provide and the candidates we supply to our clients. In order to generate work for our candidates, we undertake a number of activities.


Here are some of the things we do to generate work for our supply teachers.


Market Research

One of the most important things for us as a supply agency is to have a good understanding of the market, so we can compete and be the best at what we do. Through market research, we ensure that we always have up-to-date knowledge of our competitors and the needs of our clients.


This is not just limited to job availability but also the political, environmental, social, technological, legal, and economic aspects that affect clients and candidates. By doing our due diligence, we create maximum work opportunities for our candidates.


Sales Calls

By calling up prospective and current clients, assessing their current staff needs, and gaining a better understanding of their agency usage, we can make sure we promote our business Unique Selling Points in order to gain bookings, a visit, or build a relationship with them. This, in turn, means they are more likely to call us when they are short-staffed.


Spec Calls & Emails

Even though our clients may not be recruiting, we still need to ensure they know the options they have available. In order to ensure the visibility of our registered supply teachers, we send their CV to clients, so they are aware of all the relevant new candidates.


Thus, if their needs change and they find themselves short-staffed, they know they can confidently call us immediately to find cover.


Client Meetings

As part of building a relationship with our clients, we conduct regular client meetings. We use these to explain our Terms of Business, how to login to our online client portal, and more.


We also take time to find out more details of what they need from us in terms of expectations from our candidates and other relevant information about their school or nursery.


In the case of existing clients, we also have annual Service Review meetings so we can adapt our working methods to suit their needs.


This way, we can make the hiring process easier for our clients, leading to more work for our registered supply teachers.


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Consultative Approach

As a supply agency, we have relevant in-depth industry knowledge. This allows our experienced and qualified consultants to advise clients about the latest legislation and good recruitment practice.


We are also able to provide guidance on CV writing and staff retention. As a result, we are able to demonstrate our expertise in our industry, thereby building trust with clients, and improving our candidates’ work opportunities.


Social Media and Blog Posts

We like to keep our clients and candidates informed with the latest industry news and knowledge. To do so, we regularly post informative blog posts loaded with content to help both our candidates and clients. We also share relevant industry news through social media. This allows us to connect with prospective clients as well as candidates and build a relationship that isn’t just work-driven.


Advertising and Recruiting

We ensure that we have a good range of candidates for our clients and that we are consistent in our services by advertising, pre-screening, and interviewing prospective candidates who meet the criteria. As a result, we are not only able to provide the services our clients need, but also grow the pool of supply teachers out working with us.


Marketing Availability Mailers

We have an extensive pool of candidates registered with us, and in order to find relevant positions for them, we need to make sure our clients know they are available. To do this, we send out marketing availability mailers.


These are generated automatically by our database and help keep the clients informed of the candidates available for work. Again, this helps in keeping our supply teachers visible to the schools and nurseries, so they can get in touch when they are short-staffed.


Marketing Newsletters

In addition to sharing the latest news and events in our business as well as the industry, our newsletters provide another avenue to communicate with our clients about our successes. This, in turn, helps in generating more work opportunities for our candidates.


A Range of Recruitment Services

We understand that not all clients have the same requirements. In order to cater to all of them satisfactorily, we offer a range of services. Our clients range from those looking to find candidates for fixed-term contracts to needing temporary supply teachers, to permanent candidates they can employ directly.


Even when seeking temporary supply teachers, they may need them for just one day or for a whole year, full-time or part-time.


While the range of services and employment contracts are varied, we pride ourselves on providing exactly what they need. This helps us build a stronger relationship with them, which in turn translates to more opportunities for our registered candidates.


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We know that we have the resources and ability to fulfil our clients’ needs. This is why if we have an existing client using our services for one part of their business, we promote our other services to them as well. This way, we make sure that we maximise every possible opportunity to provide them with the right service and our candidates with the right position.


Online Portal and Intuitive Technology

At Simply Supply, we give all our clients, both prospective and current, access to a secure online portal. This portal has information on all bookings, timesheets, invoices, booked candidates, pre-employment checks, and more stored. By using it, clients can instantly get information about the candidates and their availability. This intuitive portal makes booking supply teachers very easy, which, in turn, makes clients more inclined to employ from us.


Strong Relationships

All of our marketing efforts directed at clients are underpinned by the innate desire to understand their needs and provide the service they require. If we cannot help, we are honest and realistic. As a result, we have developed a strong relationship built on trust with all of them. Since they know they will always get the best advice and solutions from us, they give us their business, which in turn leads to more opportunities for our candidates.



We are proud to say that a good part of our business comes from recommendations from happy customers. Our aim is to provide excellent customer service to all our clients, and we work hard to build durable and lasting relationships with them. This, in turn, encourages people to recommend us to anyone else looking for high-quality service and reliable supply teachers for their needs.


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At Simply Supply, we work very hard to ensure that we provide excellent service to our clients while also generating ample work for our supply teachers. If you would like to register with us, or have any questions, get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to help you!

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