How to prepare your CV for agency work

Whether you’re taking your first steps into the world of education or returning from time-off, it’s important that you’re able to showcase your unique skills and experience with a well-written, impactful CV.


That’s why we’ve decided to create this post explaining 5 top tips for improving your CV, especially if you’re sending it to a specialist recruitment agency.


Top Tip 1 – Research

When you’re writing your CV, it’s important that you research the position that you’re applying for.


Does this role have any special needs or requirements? Do you need any qualifications or need to complete specific training courses? All these questions can help you tailor your content accordingly.


Your CV will be scanned for the right kind of experience, so you need to ensure that regardless of whether it was a six-month placement or four-year position, it should come across as consistent.


Top Tip 2 – Keep it short

When you’re writing your CV, it’s important that you keep it to two pages or lower, a maximum of three if you really have to.


If you’re submitting your CV to a recruitment specialist such as Simply Supply, remember there will be a lot of applicants.


Make sure that you’re succinct, keep your key skills on the first page and above all, showcase how unique you are as soon as you can. If you have to list information such as expertise and qualifications, put them into bullet point lists.


Leading on from this is ensuring that your CV has a clean, consistent design. Don’t try to include images, colours or flowery borders; this takes away from the key information.


You should clearly separate out each section, as this enables the recruiter to skim read each section and pull out key information should they need it.


Top Tip 3 – Be confident

When a recruitment agency is reviewing your CV, they want to see your confidence come through your writing. Instead of using words such as “helped”, use phrases such as “took charge” or “supervised”.


However, be cautious with saying you’re the master of all skills. If you’re confident that you would be able to undertake certain tasks on your first day of placement without help, then by all means, show your confidence.


There’s nothing wrong with highlighting your skills, but if you can’t back up your claims with solid examples, it doesn’t leave a positive impression.


Top Tip 4 – Be specific

That’s leads us on nicely to being specific. When you’re explaining your previous experiences, you shouldn’t skate around the topic, nor should you embellish beyond the truth.


By including as much relevant information into one sentence or as few bullet point as possible, you’ll have plenty of room to highlight the rest of your skills later on. For example, you could turn:


“I helped supervise the pupils during their sports day, ensuring that they were safe during the activities and helped manage disputes throughout the day” into:

  • Supervising children
  • Health and Safety monitoring
  • Pupil dispute management


Top Tip 5 – Highlight your qualifications

Most educational recruitment agencies will look for candidates with industry experience, whether this is volunteering at a local Primary School or private tutoring, it’s important that you highlight how qualified you are for a position.


At the same time as this, if you have any qualifications gained from professional bodies, then you should definitely include these as well. Any evidence you can provide that puts you above other candidates will always help.


So there we have it, our 5 top tips for preparing your CV for agency work. Hopefully you’re able to put these simple changes into place and it helps you land the position that you’re applying for.


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