How you could benefit from our online portal

We want to make sure our clients have full control over their placements. Completely secure, you’ll have access to timesheets, invoices and safeguarding checks.


Our intuitive system has been designed to make sure your life is as easy as possible. That’s why we’ve written this blog to showcase the features and benefits of our online portal.


Completely secure, completely bespoke


Our online portal has been designed to give you a truly personal service. It’s completely secure, meaning any data you input is protected. Each user has a designated password and user name only known to them, ideal if you need to access the system on a public computer.


The main dashboard lets you see all your bookings, time sheets and previous candidates. It’s simple to use, easy to navigate and includes all the contact information you should need for your dedicated consultant.



Timesheet and invoice approval


We understand that signing off time sheets and invoices can be a complicated, time-consuming process. That’s why we designed our system to take away the stressful nature of administration.


With just a few clicks, the approval process is completed. This helps to cut down the costs of needless admin and means you’re able to dedicate your time to more meaningful tasks, such as teaching your pupils.


Access to your bookings


Whether it’s creating a new booking or reviewing your previous positions, you have complete control over your bookings.


For Schools or Nurseries, it takes no time at all to create a new booking; simply select the specific job role for the position and the dates you need filling. You can then shortlist the potential candidates based on your past preferences.


Once you’ve submitted your booking, we’ll receive a notification. Our team will then source the most suitable candidate based on your needs, keeping you informed on the entire process.


Dedicated consultant


Each of our clients and candidates will benefit from their own dedicated advisor who works on their behalf, answering any questions and providing support when it’s needed. This means that you’re always going to speak to the same person, meaning we can build a strong relationship with you.


As an independent company, we want to be able to provide you with a personal service, as we feel that’s what you deserve.


So there we have it, an introduction to the Simply Supply online portal. As we’ve already explained, it’s simple to use and completely bespoke for each user.


If you’d like any more information on how the portal works, how Simply Supply can help fill a position in your Nursery or School, or how to apply for a position, then please do get in touch with a member of our team here.

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