march transparency cover 2 - Rate transparency and fair pay for teachers

Rate transparency and fair pay for teachers

Schools and nurseries across the country are already working to strict budgets, and to ensure that they have full control over their supply staff spending, we work hard on making our rates and fees as transparent as possible.


We’ve already explained how our bespoke online portal can be used to enhance the supply booking process, but this week we wanted to shed some light on our charge rate transparency and fair pay for supply staff.


Our commitment to our clients


As part of our trusted relationships with clients, we ensure that each and everyone understands the rates that we charge. This includes highlighting how they are broken down, what we pay our candidates and what margin we make.


At the same time, we work to ensure that we are open and up front with our transfer fees and terms of business. This means that each of our clients understands how the charges will work if a temporary member of staff transfers into a direct contract of employment with them.


Finally, we have made sure never to increase our margin if we increase a candidate’s pay. This protects the terms that our candidates have entered into, and provides a fair service, regardless of how often they are booked.


We feel that this open and honest approach to our rates has fostered multiple successful, long-term working relationships, and has helped us become one of the largest suppliers of supply staff in Hampshire.


Our commitment to our candidates


Without our pool of highly qualified, experienced candidates, we wouldn’t be where we are today.


Having continuously supported the Agency Worker Regulations (AWR) since they came into force on October 1st 2011, we have worked hard to pay our candidates fairly for the work that they carry out in their placements.


The AWR gives agency workers entitlement to the same employment and working conditions as if the school or nursery has recruited them directly. At the same time, we have a standard policy of never paying a qualified teacher less than £110 per day.


Highlighting our online platform


However, it’s not just the transparency around our rates and fees that make us stand out. We’ve also developed a bespoke online portal that gives our candidates instant access to all manner of information on candidates, including DBS and Safeguarding checks.


Access to this information means that our clients can choose candidates for their roles, safe in the knowledge that they have been through the most stringent checks, set out by the Local Education Authorities.


At the same time, the online portal makes it easier for candidate availability updates, viewing invoices and timesheets, alongside ensuring that profiles, safeguarding checks, qualifications and training are all kept up to date.



In summary, we understand how important it is for our clients and candidates to have full access to all information surrounding supply bookings. From transparent transfer fees to fair pay, we work hard to ensure that every person who works with us is treated fairly, professionally and above all else, honestly.


To find out more about our rates and pay, please get in touch with us today. Our dedicated team of consultants are always happy to speak about how this service could benefit you.


Simply call our offices on 01329 560600 or email us here.


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