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What is the role of an education and childcare recruitment agency?

Teachers, Nursery Nurses and Classroom Support Staff are in high demand, especially those with specific skills and expertise. As a specialist education and childcare recruitment agency, we see a variety of candidates on a daily basis, each with their own experience levels, work requirements and availability.


We wanted to explore the role of a recruitment agency in order to de-mystify how they can help education and childcare professionals in their job search. This article will look at what goes on behind the scenes.


What does an education recruitment agency do?


From the very outset, an education and childcare recruitment agency works to provide both candidates and clients with a positive, helpful and transparent service.


They work hard to match available candidates with specific roles and liaise with schools and nurseries to ensure that all cover requirements have the most suitable teacher, teaching assistant or nursery nurse best suited to the role.


At the same time, they complete an extensive series of checks to ensure that all candidates are safe to work, have the proper qualifications and undertake in-depth interviews to understand the wants, needs and motivations of all candidates.


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Do agencies charge fees?


Like many businesses, an education and childcare recruitment agency will charge clients for the work that they do. These charges fall into three main categories, the permanent placement fee, the temporary supply charge rate and transfer fees.


Temporary charge rates


A temporary supply charge rate can be either hourly or daily. It consists of the candidate’s Pay, Holiday Pay, Employer NI, Employers Pension, Payroll Cost and agency profit. This is charged to the client for the duration of the placement and invoices are sent weekly with VAT added. At Simply Supply we have a secure online portal for both our candidates and clients to view all payslips and invoices at any time.


Transfer fees


If a school or nursery wants to offer a temporary agency worker a permanent or fixed term direct role, then the agency is able to charge a transfer fee as long as this has been detailed in the originally written terms.


Permanent placements


When a candidate is put forward for a permanent role direct with a school or nursery, the agency will typically charge a one-off permanent placement fee. This can be either a fixed price fee or a percentage of the candidate’s annual salary. The fee will normally come with a rebate facility, which will be detailed in the agency’s written terms.


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What work is included for the fees that are charged?


There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes at a recruitment agency, not least in making sure that all candidates are fully vetted and safe to work. These are compulsory and are taken extremely seriously.


The pre-employment checks that Simply Supply do:


·      Proof of identity checks

·      DBS Disclosure checks

·      Work referencing

·      Qualification checks

·      Right to work in the UK checks

·      Prohibited Teacher List check

·      Medical checks


You can also expect, as part of the Simply Supply service:


·      Face to face interviews

·      Free weekly payroll and invoicing

·      Safeguarding training and guidance

·      Health & Safety guidance

·      Recruitment, job search and interview advice

·      An externally audited agency

·      Working with the Crown Commercial Service & DfE in supplying to schools

·      Secure online access for clients and candidates booking, safeguarding and pay/charge information

·      Specific advertising of jobs

·      Specific marketing of CVs

·      Your own personal Consultant representative


Why is choosing the right agency so important?


As an education or childcare professional, you have worked hard to achieve everything you have so far. Regardless of whether you’re at the start of your career journey or have years of experience, your skills and expertise are what make you unique.


A good education and childcare recruitment agency will get to know you, understand the roles that you’re searching for, and take your preferences into account when offering you positions.


For example, when we are offering candidates a position, we have assessed their previous experience, considered their needs, and are always honest about any roles that we think a candidate would be suitable for.


We have also visited our clients to understand in detail what type of person would suit the setting. Ultimately, we want both our clients and candidates to be happy during their time with us.


How can an agency help you?


With extensive experience under their belts, the team at an education and childcare recruitment agency are able to:


·      Give all candidates access to roles that are best matched to their specific skills sets, based on their previous experience in the subject

·      Help connect schools and nurseries with candidates that are in their local area, and put forward those who would be most suitable for permanent roles

·      Guide candidates throughout their journey, and ensure that they have the relevant skills and training needed to reach their fullest potential

·      Give candidates the flexibility they need to work and manage their home lives, and remove the stress of finding a different role should things not work out


Further reading


To find out more about how an education and childcare recruitment agency can help you in your job search, and understand what role we play in the application process, take a look at the articles listed below.


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In summary, an education and childcare recruitment agency plays a larger role than some may originally think. From guiding candidates throughout their journey to ensuring that the children of a school or nursery are protected, there’s plenty going on behind the scenes.


Remember, if you’d like to make the move back into education or childcare, or would like to find out more about the roles we’re currently looking to fill, you can get in touch with us or you can check out our job board.

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