Simply Supply: Safeguarding your pupils

At Simply Supply, Safeguarding is our highest priority. Whether it’s ensuring the safety of a School’s pupils or Safeguarding our supply teachers against avoidable allegations we have very strict procedures set in place to help monitor and maintain the process.


That’s why this month we’ve written this article to help you understand the stages that have been put in place, Safeguarding your children in the present and in the future.


Remember, if you do need any further information about Safeguarding, you can see our full process here, or speak to a member of our team.


What is Safeguarding?


In the context of Simply Supply, Safeguarding starts with the SupplyCheck™ vetting process that each of our candidates goes through pre-employment. The results of this process are made available to our clients, so they have a fully transparent view of potential supply teachers.


The information that clients receive includes:

  • Completed pre-employment checks list including DBS reference numbers & confirmation of references
  • Photograph of the candidate
  • A copy of their professional CV


Not only does this give our clients additional peace of mind, but it also gives them the opportunity to verify their identity before they start their role.


Why is it so important?


We understand that pupil safety is the top concern for Schools and Nurseries, especially when you’re introducing a new supply teacher, assistant or nursery nurse. To help you feel at ease, we have invested heavily in updating our Safeguarding policy, including the allegation process.


This means that any parties involved have a set procedure to follow should an allegation be made. This ensures that fairness and full support are provided to both the School and the teacher in question.


Should any breach of the law be made, the guilty party could have disciplinary action taken against them, including being barred by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). The same applies for serious misconduct that is prohibited by the National College of Teaching and Leadership (NCTL).


The principles of Safeguarding


There are many principles that underpin Safeguarding. These include, but aren’t limited to:


  • The welfare of the child is paramount
  • Staff should understand their responsibilities and promote the welfare of pupils
  • Staff are responsible for their own actions and behaviour. They should avoid conduct which would lead any reasonable person to question their motivation and intentions
  • Staff should discuss and/or take advice promptly from their line manager if they have acted in a way which may give rise to concern
  • Staff should apply the same professional standards regardless of culture, disability, gender, language, racial origin, religious belief and sexual orientation
  • Staff and managers should continually monitor and review practice to ensure Safeguarding guidance is followed


What steps have we taken?


Simply Supply is dedicated to providing a first class service to our clients, including all schools, nurseries and children within those settings.


In order to ensure we comply with all the latest Department of Education (DfE) guidance and legislation surrounding safeguarding, we have recently completed a thorough analysis of our processes and policy.


To assist with the process we employed the services of Eric Skates, formerly a Local Authority Designated Officer/Safeguarding Advisor with Hampshire County Council who is now an independent safeguarding consultant.


He has worked with us to update our safeguarding policy, develop a process for managing allegations and provided our consultant with training in the new policy and procedures. We are also planning to provide updated safeguarding training to our temporary workers which will include training on safer working practice in educational settings.


Thanks to his careful advice and our commitment to Safeguarding, Simply Supply is continuing to excel in the safer recruitment world. This knowledge is passed onto our fully briefed candidates, who are all made aware of the investigation process for allegations.


To continue this trend, Eric will also be providing all Simply Supply consultants with Safeguarding training, with a focus on supporting school staff. He will also provide regular Safeguarding training for all our temporary workers.



So there we have it, an overview of the ways that Simply Supply are working to ensure the safety of your pupils and supply teachers. As always, if you need any further information regarding our Safeguarding policy, please do get in touch with us.


Alternatively, you can join in the conversation on our Twitter or Facebook pages. We’re always updating our followers on the latest supply teacher positions, industry news and company events. We look forward to seeing you there.

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