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We’re experts in school teacher recruitment. We know all about recruiting Teachers, Support Staff and Nursery Nurses, because that’s all we do. We believe in the future of your pupils, so we only place the best possible candidates.

Our dedicated consultants have extensive experience recruiting within the education sector; they’ve been doing it for years. As a local company, we only recruit for clients within Hampshire. This gives us the ability to visit our clients and understand their own personal requirements.

Who are you looking for?

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With Simply Supply, you’ll never just get a member of staff. You’ll get the best, each passionate about the education and development of your pupils. Each candidate is someone you can rely on, carefully selected based on his or her skills and expertise. Your children deserve the best education possible, regardless of their age or ability. In the sections below, you can find out more information about the type of candidates we can supply, including contract length and their Key Stage experience.

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    Whether it’s KS1, KS2 or Early Years learning, our Primary School candidates put the development and education of your pupils at the forefront of their minds.

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    Even if it’s for a single day of cover, it takes a special someone to command the respect and interest of a class. Look no further than our Secondary School candidates.

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    Special Needs

    Each candidate that specialises in SEN education has been hand-picked based on their past experiences and skills. We know it takes a different approach and so do they.

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    Regardless of their age, each child needs to be helped with their educational development. Our Nursery candidates understand how to help your children grow.

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    All our candidates go through rigorous pre-placement checks before they’re entered into our talent pool. You'll receive a copy of these checks along with their photo and CV.

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    We all love to hear success stories and here at Simply Supply we’re no different. We wanted to share some of the testimonials some of our previous clients have given us.

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Want us to find you the perfect candidate?

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Do you still need more information on the candidates that we can supply? Or do you want us to help find a teacher for your Nursery or School? Then get in touch with us here, we’re more than happy to talk you through the selection and placement process.

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