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At Simply Supply ‘Safeguarding’ is paramount. It protects our candidates, our clients and most importantly the children in their care.

SupplyCheck™ is a thorough and detailed pre-employment vetting process for each of our candidates that we make available to all our clients.

Each of our clients gets full details of each candidate booked, including a pre-employment checklist, photograph and CV before they turn up for work. This aims to give piece of mind that candidates are thoroughly vetted and trained, along with the opportunity to verify their identity.

All our clients get access to our bespoke online database so they can check details of all the candidates they use with all booking information.

1. Application Form and Interview

The Application Form provides us with basic candidate information including emergency contact details, employment history, work availability, preferences, qualifications and skill areas.

We use the initial interview to develop a professional relationship with our candidates, strengthening trust and loyalty. This initial meeting allows us to explain our code of conduct via a mini induction to temporary supply work, going through important information such as our Health & Safety Policy, Equal Opportunities Policy, DBS/Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Policy, Medical Fitness Policy, Payroll information and the benefits of Union membership.

The interview allows us to really get to know our candidates, to find out what they really want to do, whilst discovering important information about their career so far and reasons for leaving their previous employments.


2. Health & Medical Fitness

A medical fitness declaration forms part of our SupplyCheck™ process. Once a candidate has been accepted onto our supply register, we then satisfy ourselves that the individual has the appropriate level of physical and mental fitness to teach or be solely responsible for groups of children. We refer candidates to their GP for confirmation of this where required and before an appointment or offer of work is confirmed.


3. Identity Checks

Original photo ID is checked. We ask to see an original passport or driving licence plus birth certificate. Photographs of all candidates can be viewed via our secure website which you will be given access to if you become a client. This assures our schools and nurseries that the person who turns up to work IS the person that we have booked and registered. Candidates are also asked to provide an original and recent proof of address to validate their ID.


4. Right to work in the UK

This is checked by viewing a current and original passport and if relevant a work permit/visa.


5. List 99 Checks

A List 99 check is completed on all candidates. This check reveals whether the candidate is barred from working with children and is a preliminary check prior to receiving the DBS Enhanced Disclosure.


6. DBS Enhanced Disclosure Checks

An Enhanced Level DBS Disclosure check is completed on all of our temporary supply staff. Simply Supply are a registered body with the DBS so we do not have to rely on a third party umbrella company to do this check. The new DBS Update Service is also available to any candidates applying for a DBS Disclosure after 17th June 2013, and by annual subscription, candidates can keep their DBS Disclosure information online, eliminating the need for further future checks as long as the candidate continues to work within the same type of workforce. As employers we have access to check the update service for all our candidates.


7. Academic and Professional Qualifications

We view original qualification certificates for all of our candidates. For teaching staff we obtain confirmation of Qualified Teacher Status and if relevant completion of Induction.


8. Academic and Professional Qualifications

Standard reference forms are used to check the following important information:
• Details of the applicant’s current post
• Salary
• Sickness record
• Performance history
• Conduct
• Professionalism
• Subject knowledge
• Behaviour management
• General character
• Previous employment history
• Referees relationship with the candidate
• Whether that the candidate is suitable to work with children
• Any disciplinary procedures the applicant has been subject to
• Reason for leaving
• Would they be re-employed
We take up a minimum of three written and most recent work related references. Our standard detailed reference form is used, and we don’t accept Agreed References.


9. Appraisals and Continuous Monitoring

As part of our commitment to excellence, SupplyCheck™ also includes the continuous monitoring service, this ensures regular feedback about our candidates, and allowing us to give advice on training opportunities and best practice where needed.

We obtain feedback from our client schools via regular telephone calls, annual service visits and a short simple online appraisal questionnaire. This allows us to gain a better understanding our candidates’ capabilities or weaknesses, and enables us to match them to the most suitable work assignments.


10. School Visits & Supply Guides

Although not usually seen as directly relating to Safeguarding, we view our client visits as a way of creating strong relationships, and developing clear, open communication channels with our schools and nurseries.

We believe this allows for problems and concerns to be raised and dealt with quickly, effectively and with little stress.

We find that by proving ourselves to be trustworthy, knowledgeable, and friendly, it enables relaxed informative and valuable discussions to be had between the Simply Supply team and our clients. We feel this strong relationship forges a better quality service for all parties.

When we visit our clients, we will endeavour to find out what type of recruitment service is required, more details about procedures and expectations and important information about day-to-day routines. We ask for this to enable us to write an individually tailored Supply Guide that we then provide to our candidates enabling them to be knowledgeable and confident when arriving for work.


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