Catch-up Tutoring for every pupil

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Recent school closures and the ongoing impact of the coronavirus pandemic has had a profound impact on pupils of all ages.  At Simply Supply we can help by providing both long and short term solutions to help pupils catchup.

We can provide high-quality tutoring to schools to help disadvantaged pupils whose education has been affected by school closures.


In partnership with the DfE, The National Tutoring Partnership is expecting each pupil to have access to 15 hours of 1-to-1 or small group tuition and are providing funding directly to schools to support this as well as funding to partnership organisations which is set to be announced soon.

We can provide tutors in your school setting now at as low as £10.66 per pupil in a 3-to-1 group. 

We’re able to supply

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Daily Rate : £160 +vat for a fully qualified teacher (with QTS)

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Full Daily Rate: £141 +vat for a core subject tutor (non QTS)

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Partial Day: £43 +vat for 1 hour

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Partial Day: £120 +vat for 3 hours

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Core subject catch-up lessons

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GCSE exam tuition/revision

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Extra support for students with learning or behavioural needs

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Coursework Support

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1-to-1 support

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Small group tuition

Schools can decide how to deploy the tutoring and what group size to put in place. It can be done within school hours or after school, either in person or online.  From November we will be able to offer a completely secure and safeguarding online tutoring platform so our tutors can deliver direct to pupils outside of school hours.


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Anyone we send to your school, including our tutors, have been through rigorous Safeguarding checks before being sent out on placement. We want to ensure the safety and security of your pupils and we’re sure you do too.

When we book a tutor with you, our innovative system gives you access to their Safeguarding check, including a copy of their CV and photos of the candidate. If you choose to work with Simply Supply, you’ll have access to your own dedicated consultant. They’ll compile a “supply guide” for your school and make it available to any candidate we send to you. This means they’re fully briefed and know what to expect before they arrive.

If you’re interested in working with Simply Supply, or simply wish to discuss tutoring in more detail, then please do get in touch with us here.
We’re always happy to talk.

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